I founded IMS in 1994. The motivation was simple: do great work that others will value and always strive to develop people and relationships. In the 20 years since our founding that simple premise has shaped every aspect of who we are and how we work.

We’ve assembled an amazing team that is smart, experienced and driven. We bring respect, humility and an optimistic ‘can-do’ attitude to every engagement. We know our expertise is important, but also that it’s insufficient. Our aim is to contribute in a manner that elevates everyone involved (our 1+1=3).

We don’t quit, until we’ve made a difference.




We bring a solutionist spirit to helping clients solve the marketing and commercial challenges keeping them up at night. Our clients count on us to push their thinking, to help them see opportunities clearly and to help them find practical solutions to imperfect situations. They rely on us to help them 'get the job done' while being nimble, unobtrusive and light.

Our clients know that we are up at night too.