IMS is a Seasoned Team of Solutionists…

  • Code-breakers, relentless in the pursuit of insights that matter

  • Catalysts, skilled in cultivating interactions that help people to see the big picture, connect the dots and push thinking to new places

  • Business thinkers, bringing discipline, order and process

  • Design thinkers that help brands connect, delight, inspire and grow

  • Results oriented, helping clients make the pivot from insight to action

We simplify the process of developing solutions that matter. 

IMS brings proven methods and deep expertise to help clients tackle challenges in key areas essential to commercial performance: 

  • Strategy & Planning: We help clients see their customers with fresh eyes; competitors with greater clarity; and themselves more objectively. 
  • Implementation: We help clients navigate a complex landscape to deliver their promise and connect with the right customer in the right way. 
  • Training & Development: We help clients mobilize their people to compete with confidence.

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