“Anger is too strong an emotion to waste on something you don’t like.”

― Sixto Rodriguez

John Ritter

Solutionist, Design Director

John is responsible for leading design development across various business-to-business, consumer, and healthcare communications to ensure creative, consistent, and results-driven brand messaging. 

Clients include Abbott Diagnostics, Abbott Nutrition, Ball, Bicycle Playing Cards, BrainLAB, Pfizer, and The Principal Financial Group, among others.

John’s background includes publication, merchandise, and international packaging design. His degree is in fine arts with a concentration in graphic design.

Email: jritter@imssolutionists.com

Rough: A self-proclaimed problem solver who is continually in the creative search for innovative ideas and solutions. After learning about a client’s challenges, he can be found designing roughs (conceptual sketches that allow for the exploration of multiple visual directions).
Dummy: The opportunity to produce valuable solutions for a client is what drives his passion for graphic design. Once in rough form, these potential solutions are often applied to dummies (mock-ups of an idea to showcase its size, shape, layout, etc. to the client).
Orphan: A firm believer in the idea that whatever one does should be done thoroughly and correctly, he scours final designs, layouts, etc., in the search for things such as color consistency, spacing issues and, a pet peeve of his, orphans (usually a word appearing by itself at the end of a paragraph resulting in too much white space between paragraphs or at the bottom of a page.) What can he say? Details are important!

Advertising, Sales/Marketing Collateral, Event Marketing, Digital Marketing, Exhibit Features and Activities, Direct Marketing

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