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Strategy is behind everything we do. Strategic planning helps organizations set direction, allocate resources, and mobilize people to drive growth. Now more than ever, clear strategy provides the agility required to succeed in a volatile world. We are privileged to partner with our clients to help them develop, improve, and better execute their strategic plans.

Long-Range Business Plans

Long-range plans align people and resources with a clear goal, providing a strategic roadmap. At IMS, we partner with senior executives, shaping strategic planning processes to meet challenges in a fast-changing environment. We also assist teams in understanding industry trends, identifying opportunities, and developing strategies for long-term growth.

Omnichannel Brand Plans

Omnichannel brand marketing plans detail how you deliver optimal customer experiences across preferred touchpoints. IMS collaborates with cross-functional teams or agencies, offering situation analyses, research, workshops, storytelling, strategic development, execution, and KPI evaluation. We guide clients to stay on course, refine thinking, and achieve goals.

Content Marketing Plans

In the digital era, creating compelling content on a regular basis is essential to building brand awareness, establishing thought leadership, and driving customer engagement. Our content marketing plans can guide the way. We can help you identify your target persona, research competitors, develop your brand voice, and design a comprehensive content calendar that will deliver results.


Strategy & Planning

“Great job today. This was an especially challenging workshop with lots of people and complex content. You guys made it look easy.”
— Senior Vice President

Virtual Planning Workshop

A global pharmaceutical company was at a critical stage of planning a new product launch when COVID restricted travel. Marketing teams comprised of 30 people from Europe and the U.S. had originally planned to conduct a joint planning workshop in person. To stay on schedule, the workshop needed to be redesigned as virtual.

IMS was already engaged to design the live product launch planning workshop, which was originally 1½ days. Within a week, IMS redesigned the in-person workshop as a six-hour virtual collaboration session. IMS managed, executed, and facilitated the entire process – from developing pre-work decks, to coordinating breakout sessions, to writing the final report summarizing outcomes and next steps.

Customized Planning Process

An inconsistent planning process across the client’s organization created poor communication, coordination, and execution across marketing, sales, supply chain, and research and development teams. There was also a lack of leadership engagement.

Implemented a customized model to address the client’s challenge. IMS provided direction on education, the process, marketing strategy, tactical planning, and implementation. The outcomes of this engagement were: working smarter, moving faster, getting results, working together, and delivering value. The quantifiable outcomes included:

  • First-year planning savings of more than $1.5 million in agency fees
  • Reduced re-planning by 75 percent
  • Improved new product and service launches
  • Alignment between business and marketing objectives

“This process has clearly uncovered weaknesses and oportunities across all business units. Without this process, I’m not sure they would have been uncovered.”
— Vice President of Marketing

“The impossible became the reality with the help of IMS.”

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