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When creativity meets strategy, brands come to life. With a keen eye for design, a deep understanding of consumer behavior, and a passion for storytelling, we are dedicated to bringing your brand center stage through innovative campaigns, strategic messaging, and multi-channel promotions.

Product Launches

In a world where over 80% of product launches fail, the secret to success lies in a strategic launch plan. For over 30 years, IMS has partnered with health and wellness leaders, launching blockbuster brands and niche products – from pharmaceutical therapies to healthcare informatics solutions. We excel in recognizing and closing critical gaps in product launch planning, ensuring every new launch is set up for success.

Is your team ready for launch success?

Download our complimentary “Launch Success Assessment’’ to determine if your team is ready for launch success. Use it to promote frank discussion within your team and to prioritize steps you can take to ensure your next launch exceeds expectations.

Brand Positioning

Your brand is a promise to your customer. That’s why clearly defining your most distinctive benefits is foundational to any brand strategy. IMS has experience positioning emerging and revitalized legacy brands. We can lead your brand teams through a disciplined approach to define all the elements of brand positioning.

Content Creation & Design

We specialize in crafting compelling content and designing impactful communications to convey your brand promise and connect with customers. Our proven content strategies and marketing programs yield tangible results. From developing fresh content to curating engaging material, we ensure meaningful connections. We establish clear metrics, enabling us to track results, make course corrections, and understand performance drivers.

Marketing Communication Tools

Need a sales aid, presentation, product inserts, or digital ad schedule? Perhaps a video, online training course, or marketing guide? We not only define targeted marketing campaigns but also assist in building them. With clear goals, effective copy, great design, and measurable success, we help create dynamic campaigns with real impact.


Implementation & Execution

“The ‘More in America’ campaign has been widely accepted throughout the company and used in almost every sales presentation. The advertising metrics are showing excellent performance in the marketplace.”
— Director of Marketing

Awareness Campaign

A global generic pharmaceutical company wanted to tell their U.S.
customers that the company has made substantial investments in
American production and distribution – even though many of their
products are also made in Europe. The project was complicated by the fact that the company did not have strong name recognition in the U.S.

The ‘More in America’ campaign is a testament to the power of
strategic storytelling. Over several years, IMS wrote, designed, and distributed a steady stream of online content, advertising, and sales materials that emphasized the company’s growing U.S. presence through ‘More in America’ campaign messaging. The campaign consisted of:

  • Microsite
  • Content Marketing Plan
  • Articles
  • Print and Digital Ads
  • Emails
  • Social Posts
  • Sales Aid
  • Product Inserts
  • Sales Presentation
  • Communications Guide
  • Infographics
  • Videos
IMS not only emphasized the client’s significant investments in American production but also navigated the complexities of brand recognition in the U.S. The campaign resonated within the company as well as with key customers in the marketplace.
New Brand Positioning & Packaging Launch

The client’s nutrition brand was eroding because they were not getting credit for their many innovations and initiatives. One such innovation was a new packaging system that would keep products fresher longer. The challenge was to:

  • Prepare for the new packaging and label system transition over a nine-month period.
  • Launch the new brand while also communicating the benefits of the new packaging and label system (many customers viewed the label changes as more work for them).
  • Connect and leverage the division’s new brand position to the larger global organization.
  • Align the cross-functional teams behind the ambition of the branding and communications initiatives.


  • Engage a cross-functional team and division leader in the IMS brand positioning development process to define a distinct, ownable positioning.
  • Apply the IMS integrated commercial methodology to: define and prioritize target audiences, understand customer preferences and challenges, establish the channels and tactics to best communicate with customers, and build a consistent forum for cross-functional collaboration and tracking against defined objectives.

The campaign:

  • Improved market share in the first year by 5 percent.
  • Provided a customer-facing umbrella theme, structure, and cadence of communication through integrated logic and storytelling.
  • Reduced product supply shortages, E&O / product destructs and returns below pre-package conversion rates.
  • Strengthen customer perceptions and linkages to the client’s organization.

“IMS was a great partner for this important initiative. They helped manage the entire process from start to finish, and fully engaged and aligned our broad cross-functional team to assure we would meet our objectives.”
— Vice President

“IMS is a partner across the ecosystem of healthcare.”

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