New Brand Positioning & Packaging Launch

The client’s nutrition brand was eroding because they were not getting credit for their many innovations and initiatives. One such innovation was a new packaging system that would keep products fresh longer. The challenge was to:

  • Prepare for the new packaging and label system transition over a nine-month period
  • Launch the new brand while also communicating the benefits of the new packaging and label system (many customers viewed the label changes as more work for them) 
  • Connect and leverage the division’s new brand position to the larger global organization
  • Align the cross-functional teams behind the ambition of the branding and communications initiatives


  • Engage a cross-functional team and division leader in the IMS brand positioning development process to define a distinct, ownable positioning
  • Apply the IMS integrated commercial methodology to: 
    • Define and prioritize target audiences
    • Understand customer preferences and challenges
    • Establish the channels and tactics to best communicate with customers
    • Build a consistent forum for cross-functional collaboration and tracking against defined objectives

The Campaign:

  • Improved market share in the first year by 5 percent
  • Provided a customer-facing umbrella theme, structure, and cadence of communication through integrated logic and storytelling
  • Reduced product supply shortages, E&O / product destructs and returns below pre-package conversion rates
  • Strengthen customer perceptions and linkages to the client’s organization


Strategy & Planning
Virtual Planning Workshop
Customized Planning Process

Implementation & Execution
Awareness Campaign
New Brand Positioning & Packaging Launch

Training & Commercial Excellence
Software Launch & Training
Sales Software Training & eLearning
Sales Onboarding Curriculum

“IMS was a great partner for this important initiative. They helped manage the entire process from start to finish, and fully engaged and aligned our broad cross-functional team to assure we would meet our objectives.”

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