IMS was founded in 1994 with a simple goal: do great work that others will value and always strive to develop people and relationships. In the years since our founding, that simple premise has shaped every aspect of who we are and how we work.

Our Specialties

Strategic Planning

By synthesizing complex information from multiple sources, we work with clients at the highest levels to build concrete, evidence-based, and enduring strategies that will guide business decisions for years to come.

Product Launches

We help brands sharply define the benefits that are most relevant, distinctive, and authentic. Then we deliver a creative, powerful brand story at the most impactful touchpoints.

In-Person & Online Training

Our seasoned training designers work with you to develop learning experiences that grow knowledge, sharpen skills, or inspire change. We are adept at using multiple platforms to deliver training that your users can access – wherever and whenever they want.

Our Clients

Case Studies

Dive into our collection of case studies showcasing successes in healthcare marketing and sales by IMS. Explore real-world examples of strategic planning, product launches, training excellence, and more. Discover how our Solutionists turn challenges into success stories, providing valuable insights and inspiration for your own business journey.

Our Tools

Launch Assessment Tool

Download our complimentary “Launch Success Assessment’’ to determine if your team is ready for launch success. Use it to promote frank discussion within your team and to prioritize steps you can take to ensure your next launch exceeds expectations.

Brand Positioning Elements & Structure

Enhance your brand positioning strategy with our informative diagram featuring clear definitions of key branding elements. This insightful resource provides a structured framework to guide your thinking and unite your team’s efforts.

Situation Analysis: 5Cs

The Situation Analysis is developed to ensure existing knowledge and learning is captured in a clear and concise manner. This convenient guide can help your organization develop a useful and comprehensive Situation Analysis to help guide your marketing efforts.

Solutionists at Your Service.

Ready for a marketing plan with real-world strategy behind it? Something you can sell up through the company with confidence? A detailed roadmap to get you where you want to go?

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