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For more confident and effective marketing and sales teams, professional training and coaching are essential. Our experienced instructional designers know how to delve into a topic, pull out the essential information your team needs, and present it in a way that is both impactful and memorable. Our strategy is straightforward: Assess, train, review. Engage and encourage. Rinse and repeat.

Sales Training & Coaching

You want sales training and coaching that inspires as it informs, that challenges thinking and encourages growth. From knowledge assessment, planning, and content development all the way through to implementation, we maintain a keen eye on your objectives to create the most effective training and coaching possible. To see
how we build virtual training, check out our development process.

Sales Enablement

We understand the importance of equipping your salespeople with the right tools, resources, and knowledge to succeed. From cutting-edge technology solutions to customized training programs, we can help you streamline your sales processes, optimize your performance, and boost your productivity. A tailored solution based on your needs can ultimately lead to greater efficiency, increased revenue for the company, and improved customer satisfaction.

Customer Training

Customer training and support play a critical role in purchase decisions for complex products. Today, customers demand training programs that fit their organizational structure and learning style. IMS can design and develop custom training programs that optimize the user experience as it increases engagement, product adoption, and brand awareness.


Training & Commercial Excellence

“IMS contributed to the success of our program, bringing their marketing, sales, and training expertise. Their industry knowledge of both diagnostics and software was critical. Their breadth and depth of experience was key to our success.”
— Director of Marketing

Software Launch & Training

A diagnostics business embarked on a new strategy to develop
information technology offerings that would provide valuable insights to their customers. The first offering was Inventory Management software, which optimized stock level, reduced disruptions, and lowered costs in real time. However, there was a significant challenge: the sales force had no experience selling software solutions and limited knowledge of inventory management.

IMS led the development of the planning and the execution of the
marketing launch, tactical activation, and sales training:

  • Created the positioning, message platform, and go-to-market strategy
  • Led the activation of the tactical marketing plan including sales collateral, presentations, demonstration videos, and testimonial videos
  • Developed 4 eLearning modules, designed training and materials including sales call videos

Sales Software Training & eLearning

To be more competitive, our client decided to implement a cloud-based product configuration and pricing system on a global basis. The biggest challenge was replacing several legacy systems and training sales, contracts, and pricing teams. Each area used home-grown processes and spreadsheets, which complicated the system implementation and training.

IMS collaborated with our client’s training team to create a program
design consisting of:
•   eLearning prework modules
•   2-Day classroom sessions
•   Train-the-trainer sessions

Since the software was highly customized, no system documentation
existed. With our experience in software, we were able to create the
content and system documentation required.

“We were challenged with implementing new software on a very aggressive schedule for a global sales organization. Furthermore, the software was evolving as we designed and built training. I was amazed how IMS stayed on schedule with the countless changes. The sales training received great reviews in my surveys. IMS was always cool under pressure. I am glad IMS was on our team!”
— Senior Project Manager

“IMS breathed new life into antiquated eLearning modules, saving time and money. Their instructional design, content development, and technical expertise were critical to our success. They dove in the deep end with us with a ‘whatever it takes’ attitude. The impossible became reality with help from IMS.”
— Director of Global Learning & Development

Sales Onboarding Curriculum

To accelerate the launch of a major new system, our client decided to rapidly expand their salesforce. However, the current sales onboarding training program did not provide training on the new system. Furthermore, the older eLearning modules were no longer compatible with the current LMS. The timeline was intense. Classes started in 60 days for new hires coming onboard in the next few weeks.

The new Global Sales Curriculum was a comprehensive, 18-week
program consisting of:
•   Prework
•   eLearning
•   Classroom
•   Field activities
•   Manager reviews
•   Certification

To meet the aggressive timeline, IMS divided into two teams. One focused on creating, curating, and editing classroom content and one focused on eLearning. The IMS team, consisting of instructional designers, content developers, and eLearning specialists, delivered prework and classroom content on time for the first cohort of new hires.

“IMS helps us decide if an idea is a good idea.”

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