Customized Planning Process

An inconsistent planning process across the client’s organization created poor communication, coordination and execution, across marketing, sales, supply chain, and research and development teams. There was also a lack of leadership engagement. 

IMS implemented a customized model to address the client’s challenge. IMS provided direction on education, the process, marketing strategy, tactical planning, and implementation. The outcomes of this engagement were: working smarter, moving faster, getting results, working together, and delivering value. The quantifiable outcomes included: 

  • First-year planning savings of more than $1.5 million in agency fees
  • Reduced re-planning by 75 percent
  • Improved new product and service launches 
  • Alignment between business and marketing objectives


Strategy & Planning
Virtual Planning Workshop
Customized Planning Process

Implementation & Execution
Awareness Campaign
New Brand Positioning & Packaging Launch

Training & Commercial Excellence
Software Launch & Training
Sales Software Training & eLearning
Sales Onboarding Curriculum

“This process has clearly uncovered weaknesses and opportunities across all business units. Without this process, I’m not sure they would have been uncovered.”

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