“Excellence — the gradual result of always striving to be better.”

— Pat Riley

Paul Landauer

Solutionist, Vice President, Commercial Excellence

Paul is a seasoned executive with a successful track record in Sales and Sales Management, General Management, External Affairs, and Training and Development.  He has worked in the medical diagnostics industry for more than three decades. Paul developed a passion for teaching at the International Language Center in London. He later joined the European commercial training team at Xerox, learning from the very best, including participating in the research that led to the development of the SPIN Selling model. At Abbott Molecular, he led a team that developed and implemented a five-year transformative training and development strategy. He is a master facilitator with global business perspectives gained from senior leadership assignments in Europe, Asia Pacific, and the U.S.

Email: plandauer@imssolutionists.com

Team Builder: I believe in the good things that happen when you assemble, train, direct and support a team of committed individuals!
Good Listener: I listen to what is said as well as to what is meant so we can determine what is needed to WIN and why.
Mentor: I have an insatiable appetite to help people grow personally and professionally by sharing skills and strategies that make them more effective in building lasting, trust-based relationships, which are a prime contributor to commercial excellence.

Training Solutions, Commercial Excellence, Effective Selling Skills (*CSS, SPIN), Strategic Selling (*Miller Heiman), Service Excellence (*Forum), Coaching and Feedback (*Licensed to deliver)

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